Is this an Email Marketing Trick?

We all get tons of email all day, every day. It’s non-stop.  Marketers are always looking for tricks to increase open rate and click rate and share rate and blah blah rate. I get it. I market my own business and my clients’ too.  We are all looking for that edge.

Lately, I have noticed a pattern and I am starting to get the feeling that it is intentional. Is it just me or is this happening to you too?


1 – I get an email announcement from company ABC – 95% of the time.
2 – A few hours or days later (I haven’t figured out the duration yet), I get another email with an apology:

“Oops, we forgot to include the link, here it is.”

“Sorry, we had the date wrong, the correct date is blah blah”

“Sorry, we meant to say x but we accidentally said Y, here is the correction – blah blah. We are really sorry, we respect your inbox”.\

I call bullshit.  I think this is a clever/evil marketing trick to get you to open, read and click the email.

Has this happened to you? Are you seeing this pattern more frequent?

What do you think? Intentional marketing trick?

How about the practice itself? Clever or Evil?

If you have done it, does it work?  Is it worth it?

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