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Email Hack: Check Your Email First Thing In The Morning

Email Hack: Check Your Email First Thing In The Morning Every productivity guru, every productivity book, every productivity hack I ever read, say the same thing “Do NOT check your email first thing in the morning”. I disagree. I understand why they tell us not to do it but I am also pretty damn sure 95%(…)

Is this an Email Marketing Trick?

We all get tons of email all day, every day. It’s non-stop.  Marketers are always looking for tricks to increase open rate and click rate and share rate and blah blah rate. I get it. I market my own business and my clients’ too.  We are all looking for that edge. Lately, I have noticed(…)

Ember with Yarn vs NPM

I hear a lot of good things about yarn’s performance (among other things) so I put it to the test.  I created a new ember app, then ran npm install, then repeated the step using yarn install instead.  To compare the caching performance (if any) of each tool, I deleted node_modules and re-ran the commands. Performance(…)

My Many Failures and Eventual Success (coming soon)

TL;DR I reflect on the many “failures” I have had with my side projects and talk about my current project and my plans to turn it into a $10k/month passive income side project.  Best of all, I am not trying to SELL YOU anything (at least not yet). Failures The other day, I was reflecting on all the side(…)