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Ember with Yarn vs NPM

I hear a lot of good things about yarn’s performance (among other things) so I put it to the test.  I created a new ember app, then ran npm install, then repeated the step using yarn install instead.  To compare the caching performance (if any) of each tool, I deleted node_modules and re-ran the commands. Performance(…)

My Many Failures and Eventual Success (coming soon)

TL;DR I reflect on the many “failures” I have had with my side projects and talk about my current project and my plans to turn it into a $10k/month passive income side project.  Best of all, I am not trying to SELL YOU anything (at least not yet). Failures The other day, I was reflecting on all the side(…)

Am I wrong in hating React JS?

I recall a few years back I hated Ember JS and kept trying to get into it and hating it then for some reason the 3rd time I did, it stuck and I LOVED IT. I mean really LOVED it. I have never been happier writing code in 20+ years of programming – that is something.(…)

Rapid Web App Development — App 2

Here is App #2 of my series of apps (app 1).  It is the same stack and very similar template as app 1. User authentication using Google accounts User authorization Mailchimp integration Mandrill integration Google analytics integration Backend — using firebase and a node worker hosted at Digital Ocean Subscription management (freemium model) Stripe integration for payment(…)