Is this an Email Marketing Trick?

We all get tons of email all day, every day. It’s non-stop.  Marketers are always looking for tricks to increase open rate and click rate and share rate and blah blah rate. I get it. I market my own business and my clients’ too.  We are all looking for that edge. Lately, I have noticed(…)

How I made $500 in one hour on Hacker News

I am not a designer so I am always looking for ways to make my side projects look professional without paying a designer.  Don’t get me wrong, it is better to get a professional designer but NOT when it is a side project that probably won’t make you any money.  Any how, I heard of(…)

Tough Mudder and 6 Startup Lessons Learned

I finished my first ever Tough Mudder on April 20th with some friends.  It was tough and muddy and very similar to a startup journey.  I know it sounds crazy but I was thinking about my startup the entire time I was racing.  It could have been the cold weather or the electric shocks but I learned(…)

The Startup Playbook Review and Notes – Part 1

I have been reading tons of startup books lately and have learned a lot from all of them… Once in a while I run into a great book that is profoundly impactful and potentially life-changing.  I have just started reading a new favorite and must-read for anyone interested in starting (and running) a business. The book is The(…)

Remember Everything with Timed Screenshots on Mac

I use TimeSnapper on windows.  It’s a great little app that lets me very quickly go back in time and see what I was doing.  It basically takes a screeshot every 10 seconds which I can then play as a video.  This comes in very handy specially when I am coding because sometimes I will(…)