Create your own WordPress Themes

Check out this WP theme generator. I haven’t used it on this site, but it looks very cool and easy to use. Have you used it before? Is it any good? Let me know. Check it out at http://www.yvoschaap.com/wpthemegen/

WordPress themes

There are tons of free wordpress themes and there are some paid ones at http://www.templatessale.com/ PS: Increase your blog traffic. Get a blog rush.

Adding code to the top of every post in WordPress

Again, to monetize my blog, I wanted to add Google AdSense to the top of every post. It turns out, that wasn’t too hard: Create a php file in the mu-plugins folder Add the following code to the file function the_content_googleads($content = ”) { if (is_single()) { $content = stripslashes(get_googleads_code()) . $content; } else {(…)

Learning PHP

I installed WordPress a few days ago at www.blogstogo.com and inevitably, I had to make some changes and modify it to my liking. This sucks, because I don’t know PHP. I started hacking my way around and also ordered a book from Amazon.com – Beginning PHP and MySQL 5: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition.(…)

Feedburner not working with WordPress

For some reason feedburner kept saying that I have an invalid feed from my wordpress.  The feed works fine but I just couldn’t get feedburner to work.  I used a simple workaround; I setup my feed with Pheedo and then used the Pheedo link in feedburner. Note: I am also using the feedburner plugin from(…)