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SiteKey (site-authentication images) security is ineffective

Check out this article http://dwarfurl.com/9de21 that discusses the ineffectiveness of site-authentication images as used by some banking sites like bank of America and country wide. I personally agree, first because I can never remember the image and if every site has its own image then I will not be able to remember all images and(…)

Getting Flash Video (FLV) to work in IIS

Getting Flash Video (FLV) to work in IIS

I added a macromedia flash animation (swf) to my asp.net website and it would work fine but when it came to display video it would stop. I figured it had to do with the video files i.e. the FLV file. It turns out that I had to add its MIME type to IIS Right-click your(…)

StyleSheet for new websites

I found this post by Eric to be very helpful and I plan to use his suggestions when creating my next web application. This helps you resent all the styles to a preset so that your site looks the same on all browsers. Remember to read the comments for more useful suggestions. If you are(…)