28 things I hate about my iPhone (and yours)

WHY… … can’t I address an SMS message to multiple recipients? This is bull**it. … doesn’t safari support flash? … doesn’t safari remember my passwords? … can’t I use a picture in the browser as my wallpaper? … can’t I download a picture from the safari? … can’t I save an attached picture to my(…)

Why do we suck???

I am so pissed why can’t the USA have a good soccer team…  How can we send people to the moon, create an iPhone, invade 2 countries and still have a strong economy but we can’t win a single game in Copa America…

First iPhone Tasker (to do)

I created a simple iPhone app for to dos/tasks. Check it out at http://iPtasks.com. This is almost identical to the beautifully done shopping list app at http://onetrip.org PS: How can you NOT have a to do list on the iPhone???

I hate my iPhone

Ok… I am just kidding. I love this thing. What an awesome piece of engineering. But… Having used it for a few days, there are a few things I wish it had: To Do or Task list – really, how hard is it to add that!!! Voice Dialing Voice Notes Games… I know… A phone(…)

HBO Entourage One Hour Long

If you like love HBO Entourage – how can you not? – then go there and vote to make it one hour long: http://onehourentourage.blogspot.com/ If you don’t like Entourage or have never seen it then there is something wrong with you… Get help.