Windows Live Writer And WordPress Mu (WPMU)

I finally was able to add my blog on WPMU to windows live writer.  I searched and searched and searched and finally found the answer. Change these lines in xmlrpc.php:     foreach ( $blogs as $blog ) {        $blog_id = $blog->userblog_id;         switch_to_blog($blog_id);         $is_admin = current_user_can(‘level_8’);         $struct[] = array(            ‘isAdmin’  => $is_admin,            ‘url’      => get_option(‘home’) .(…)

Implicitly type local variables in VB 9.0

Implicitly type local variables in VB 9.0

I love this new feature of VB 9 (Orcas). It lets you declare local variables without explicitly declaring the type, but the compiler (and intelli-sense) will infer the type from the assignment. So it is STILL strongly typed (type safe). For example, these 2 statements are the same: Dim aStr As String = “Test string”(…)

iIt iShould iBe iIllegal iTo iUse iAn “i” iBefore iA iWord

I don’t know about everyone but I am fed up of seeing anything and everything preceded by a small “i”… It’s is starting to be annoying and “uncool”… iSmoke, iDigg, iPhone, iPod, iSpeaker… What is the fascination with the “i”? I am starting to think if Apple packages crap and sells it as iCrap people(…)

iPhone Application List

Here is another iPhone site I created using asp.net http://iPapplist.com which has a list of iPhone applications and you can add your own application there to be found by others.