Flip a SQL table around

I have a sql table that looks like this Id Name Value 1 First name Bob 1 Last name Johns 2 First name John 2 Last name Smith 3 First name Bill 3 Last name Gates I want to return the data like this: Id First name Last name 1 Bob Johns 2 John Smith(…)

My First Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget

My First Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget

Here is a Google Search gadget for windows vista that displays the results in a flyout window instead of opening a browser window. I also posted it on the windows live gallery but it hasn’t been published yet. Here is the file: Google Search Gadget

Adding code to the top of every post in WordPress

Again, to monetize my blog, I wanted to add Google AdSense to the top of every post. It turns out, that wasn’t too hard: Create a php file in the mu-plugins folder Add the following code to the file function the_content_googleads($content = ”) { if (is_single()) { $content = stripslashes(get_googleads_code()) . $content; } else {(…)

Learning PHP

I installed WordPress a few days ago at and inevitably, I had to make some changes and modify it to my liking. This sucks, because I don’t know PHP. I started hacking my way around and also ordered a book from – Beginning PHP and MySQL 5: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition.(…)