VB9 – LINQ and Extension Methods in Action

VB9 – LINQ and Extension Methods in Action

Here is the scenario, I have collection of books and I want to get a book with a specific ISBN.  In the old ways, you will probably have to create a custom collection and inherit a generic collection of books, then add a method to get by ISBN. Thanks to LINQ and extension methods, you(…)

Free Icons and Images

If you are creating any type of software applications with a user interface, most likely you will need to use icons.  Here is an excellent site to help you find icons for your web sites and applications. Check

Calling the WordPress XMLRPC API from

As an example, I will call the getCategories API method. Add a reference to the library. Create a struct for the return result

Create the interface for the API

Call the API

That’s it… Pretty straight forward.

Getting Flash Video (FLV) to work in IIS

Getting Flash Video (FLV) to work in IIS

I added a macromedia flash animation (swf) to my website and it would work fine but when it came to display video it would stop. I figured it had to do with the video files i.e. the FLV file. It turns out that I had to add its MIME type to IIS Right-click your(…)

Highlight syntax in your HTML blog posts

Check out this site which lets you create HTML formatted with syntax highlighting for your code snippets. Very helpful when posting to your blog or creating HTML versions of your code. It supports all kind of languages, xml, php, c#,, css, html and others – even XAML. The site is