StarterWeb MVP – A Modern Web App Starter Template

My co-founder and I have been reading a lot of startup books lately.  If you are mildly interested in startups, you can’t escape the term MVP.  MVP or Minimum Viable Product is a concept popularized by Eric Ries author of  The Lean Startup. In product development, the Minimum Viable Product or MVP is a strategy used for fast and quantitative market testing(…)

Code Retreat

A few weeks ago, I took what I called a code retreat.  Basically, with my awesome wife’s blessing, I decided that I will spend the weekend locked up in the basement and code all weekend.  It was fantastic.  It was glorious.  It was so much fun.  I literally went down Friday evening with my computer,(…)

30 Days of Rails

If you haven’t noticed, I am a .net developer but I was inspired today by Matt Cutt’s TED talk to start a 30-day project.  I highly recommend watching it; it might inspire you too.   So I have decided to spend 30 days with Ruby on Rails and blog it right here. Stay tuned for(…)

Nodejs on Windows

Nodejs on Windows

This turned out to be easier than expected. Step 1: Download node.exe Get it from and put it somewhere in your path e.g. c:\node Step 2: Install git Get it from here and install into your windows console if you want to use the windows command prompt instead of bash Step 3: Install NPM(…)