Ember Twiddle

The easiest way to share an EmberJs code snippet or sample code is You can also save it as github gist You can even embed it in your blog (if you don’t see the embedded code below, try this link)  

Ember Views and Associated Controller

I have a Navigation Bar view that hand menus that required handling some actions.  Some of these actions require accessing other controllers which means I have to use ‘needs’ in my own controller. Using ember cli, I was able to generate the template with

the view with

and the controller with


Error Logging With Angular and log4javascript

Angular is an awesome framework and plays very well with other libraries and is easy to integrate.  Angular come with a built-in log service which you can simply access by injecting $log; but I like the log4javascript library… You can easily overwrite the default $log service by defining it in your app as such:


Angular JS Resources

I just started getting into AngularJS and it is really hard to find information about it.  So I am going to compile a list of related links and resources on this page.  Please leave a comment with links that you think should be on this list. Homepage – Google plus page, the best way(…)