Remember Everything with Timed Screenshots on Mac

I use TimeSnapper on windows.  It’s a great little app that lets me very quickly go back in time and see what I was doing.  It basically takes a screeshot every 10 seconds which I can then play as a video.  This comes in very handy specially when I am coding because sometimes I will(…)

Surface = MacBook Air + iPad – Something

I am on my way back from a 1-week vacation oversees and decided to only take my WinRT Surface with me. On my trips, I usually take my MacBook air and iPad. I take the MacBook air because you can’t get any real work done on the iPad. I take my iPad to play games(…)

iPod Touch and iPhone

So I watched the video tour of the new iPod Touch and I was very happy. I was happy because I bought an iPhone. I couldn’t see a single reason to buy an iPod Touch over an iPhone – specially after Apple dropped the iPhone price by $200. The device – for all practical puroposes(…)

My first Mac

I just got my first mac ever. It’s a mac mini which I bought refurbished from Apple’s outlet store and paid $550 for it. I will be blogging about my experiences as I play with it. It’s hard to believe I am using mac, because I am a .net developer and a Microsoft fan. The(…)