Error Logging With Angular and log4javascript

Angular is an awesome framework and plays very well with other libraries and is easy to integrate.  Angular come with a built-in log service which you can simply access by injecting $log; but I like the log4javascript library… You can easily overwrite the default $log service by defining it in your app as such:


Angular JS Resources

I just started getting into AngularJS and it is really hard to find information about it.  So I am going to compile a list of related links and resources on this page.  Please leave a comment with links that you think should be on this list. Homepage – Google plus page, the best way(…)

jQuery Wildcard Selector

This post is a reminder for me on how to do wildcard selection in jQuery.  It comes up more than you think and for some reason, I can never remember it.

I can easily hide all the divs up by doing a wildcard selection on elements with an id starting with “pnl”, like this:(…)