Am I wrong in hating React JS?

I recall a few years back I hated Ember JS and kept trying to get into it and hating it then for some reason the 3rd time I did, it stuck and I LOVED IT. I mean really LOVED it. I have never been happier writing code in 20+ years of programming – that is something.(…)

Gmail Style Notifications in Ember

Here is a simple way to add gmail-style notifications in an ember app.  First start by adding an outlet in the application.hbs template file.

Next we create a notification mixin that we can add to any route that requires to use it.  You can just use ember cli to generate it with


Ember Views and Associated Controller

I have a Navigation Bar view that hand menus that required handling some actions.  Some of these actions require accessing other controllers which means I have to use ‘needs’ in my own controller. Using ember cli, I was able to generate the template with

the view with

and the controller with


Use SASS with Lineman without Ruby

If you are using linemanjs for your frontend (ember/angular) development and want to use SASS, you will find that there is a dependency on Ruby and Compass to get SASS working. If you don’t have the dependencies, you will see an error like this: Running “sass:compile” (sass) task Warning: You need to have Ruby and(…)