Online Storage

There are some really good online storage websites out there, the 2 I really like are MediaMax and Box.net MediaMax http://www.mediamax.com/ 25 GB for FREE Share files with friends without requiring them to register Desktop application is average Box.net http://www.box.net Only 1 GB for free Really cool gadget for sharing files and embedding into blogs(…)

RSS Feed of keyboard shortcuts

[updated] this has changed, check the site for more info I added an RSS feed to my new keyboard shortcuts website at http://www.kbshortcuts.com/ so you can get the latest shortcuts automatically. The RSS is at http://www.kbshortcuts.com/rss.ashx TIP: You can also customize the feed, so if you wanted shortcuts for visual studio, you could subscribe to(…)

asp.net 2.0 Error: ‘Title’ is not a member of ‘ASP…

I had this error come up on a few pages after I deployed my website and it was driving me crazy. After hours of debugging, it turns out to be a simple problem. The problem is that I had duplicate page/user control names which when deployed was causing a naming conflict. This happens if for(…)

Resolving URL in ASP.net using Tilda (~)

I have been using .net since it has come out and I just found this out (so, I am kind of pissed). When I wanted to link to another url in my site e.g. <a href=”~/folder/file.aspx”>click here</a> it never worked because the <a> tag doesn’t understand the tilde (~). The way I used to fix(…)