ASP.NET MVC & Threads

I have a method that handles sending of emails.  I wrote it so that it would run asynchronously, so that it won’t slow down the web app.  It looks like this:

I added the Thread.Sleep(15000) to see if it works.  To my surprise, it didn’t.  For some reason, the web request doesn’t return until(…)

Upgrading Yonkly to ASP.NET MVC Preview 3

Upgrading Yonkly to ASP.NET MVC Preview 3

I just spent this morning upgrading the Yonkly code to work with the newly released ASP.NET MVC Framework Preview 3.  I thought I would document what I did here, so that it might help others trying to upgrade their projects.  Note: I haven’t deployed the upgraded version to but released the source code. Setup(…)

Yonkly Source Code

[UPDATE] Source code is now available in codeplex at I apologize for the delay of releasing the source code for Yonkly (the twitter clone). The code is still not 100% ready but I have received so many requests for the source code and figured it is better to put something online until I clean(…)