Pre-Startup Contract

UPDATE: Get updates to my Startup Journey by email, click here. The most important and first contract you can have when starting your startup is this one.  This is a contract my wife and I put together and signed. We all know how hard startups are.  My first startup was hard and this one will(…)

The Startup Playbook Review and Notes – Part 1

I have been reading tons of startup books lately and have learned a lot from all of them… Once in a while I run into a great book that is profoundly impactful and potentially life-changing.  I have just started reading a new favorite and must-read for anyone interested in starting (and running) a business. The book is The(…)

Cutting Down Expenses Before I Lose My Income

I am getting ready to venture on my own.  My income is going to be drastically cut and by drastic, I mean, I will have no stable source of income and whatever I have will be about 10% of what I make right now.  Needless to say, some sacrifices need to be made and some(…)

Startup New Year Resolution

I finally quit smoking – 2+ months and counting.  I started working out 3 times a week about 6 months ago and I am eating healthier.  I have also stayed organized and productive – thanks to GTD.  This is of course great but it makes it hard to make a new year resolution. This leaves(…)

The Reason To Switch To Windows 8

There was a post that I read a few weeks ago (and can’t find anymore), but the premise of the post is that there are certain applications on each platform (windows, mac, linux) that are so good that people are willing to switch to that platform or at least are stopped from switching away from(…)