Emailing Your Users Worst Mistake

Emailing Your Users Worst Mistake

A couple of weeks ago, I setup a limited invite-only beta for Ubercamp and announced it on Hacker news.  I had about a 100+ people signup in less than an hour.  AWESOME!!! Then I made some updates and wanted these guys to log back into the site and try it out, so I did the(…)

Tough Mudder and 6 Startup Lessons Learned

I finished my first ever Tough Mudder on April 20th with some friends.  It was tough and muddy and very similar to a startup journey.  I know it sounds crazy but I was thinking about my startup the entire time I was racing.  It could have been the cold weather or the electric shocks but I learned(…)

The Early Startup Triangle of Death

I wrote 2 posts so far about my startup journey.  The first one was the contract between my wife and I and the second one was about funding my startup.  Basically one is about family and the other about money.  There is a third vertex to this triangle – Time.  Time to actually put into(…)

Should I Take My Friends Money?

UPDATE: Get updates to my Startup Journey by email, click here and see other posts related to my Startup Journey over here.   I quit to start my own company and in a few short weeks, I will have no paycheck.  That is scary.  I need money to build my startup and I have been losing sleep(…)

Pre-Startup Contract

UPDATE: Get updates to my Startup Journey by email, click here. The most important and first contract you can have when starting your startup is this one.  This is a contract my wife and I put together and signed. We all know how hard startups are.  My first startup was hard and this one will(…)