Startup Journey

Quitting your job to build your startup is not an easy decision or a quick action. It is a journey. I would like to share the ups and downs of this journey with all of you in the hopes that you can avoid making the same mistakes I made and help me avoid making new ones.

Should I Take My Friends Money?

UPDATE: Get updates to my Startup Journey by email, click here and see other posts related to my Startup Journey over here.   I quit to start my own company and in a few short weeks, I will have no paycheck.  That is scary.  I need money to build my startup and I have been losing sleep(…)

Pre-Startup Contract

UPDATE: Get updates to my Startup Journey by email, click here. The most important and first contract you can have when starting your startup is this one.  This is a contract my wife and I put together and signed. We all know how hard startups are.  My first startup was hard and this one will(…)