Error Logging With Angular and log4javascript

Angular is an awesome framework and plays very well with other libraries and is easy to integrate.  Angular come with a built-in log service which you can simply access by injecting $log; but I like the log4javascript library… You can easily overwrite the default $log service by defining it in your app as such:


Powershell Script to Alias a Command with Parameters

Powershell Set-Alias doesn’t pass arguments to the alias and I want an easy way to launch my editor, so I can easily say: “e file.txt” Here is my script that launches WebStorm and pass along the parameters (note the special treatment of the “.”

Now I can just type “ws .” and open webstorm(…)

Cutting Down Expenses Before I Lose My Income

I am getting ready to venture on my own.  My income is going to be drastically cut and by drastic, I mean, I will have no stable source of income and whatever I have will be about 10% of what I make right now.  Needless to say, some sacrifices need to be made and some(…)

What I Learned from Drinking Beer in Bolivia

What I Learned from Drinking Beer in Bolivia

I am on my way back from a week-long vacation in Bolivia visiting my in-laws. I am not Bolivian but my wife is and I am aware of the love affair that Bolivians and many South American countries have with alcohol in general and beer specifically. I have also graduated from Virginia Tech and have(…)