Custom sort order in a SQL statement

I tracked a status of a record in a text field and wanted to sort the results in a specific order. For example I want “active” to show before “rejected” and “deleted” to show up last, etc… It turns out it was pretty easy to do in SQL. Here it is: select * from viewoffers(…)

SQL Script to generate data inserts for existing tables

Here is a great sql script that will look at your table and generate a script to insert all the data. This is very useful when moving databases or when you want to create a database setup in your application with some default data. Note that I haven’t tried this procedure and it was sent(…)

Help a mother immunize her child today

I got this e-mail from UNICEF (one of my favorite non-profits). To donate go to http://dwarfurl.com/c5428 Hello, As Mother’s Day approaches, I’d like to remind you that you don’t have to be a mother to care for kids. Please join me in honoring motherhood today by making a donation to help UNICEF immunize children and save(…)

Create your own WordPress Themes

Check out this WP theme generator. I haven’t used it on this site, but it looks very cool and easy to use. Have you used it before? Is it any good? Let me know. Check it out at http://www.yvoschaap.com/wpthemegen/

Use Skype to setup a wakeup call in Vista

Use Skype to setup a wakeup call in Vista

You can setup a wakeup call using Skype in Vista (and XP too)… Start Task Scheduler Click on “Create Basic Task” on the right hand side Go through the wizard Setup a name e.g. Wakeup for Bootcamp Setup the frequency e.g. Weekly Select schedule e.g. 6 AM, Monday through Friday Select “Start a program” Type(…)