Email Hack: Check Your Email First Thing In The Morning

Email Hack: Check Your Email First Thing In The Morning Every productivity guru, every productivity book, every productivity hack I ever read, say the same thing “Do NOT check your email first thing in the morning”. I disagree. I understand why they tell us not to do it but I am also pretty damn sure 95%(…)

Ember with Yarn vs NPM

I hear a lot of good things about yarn’s performance (among other things) so I put it to the test.  I created a new ember app, then ran npm install, then repeated the step using yarn install instead.  To compare the caching performance (if any) of each tool, I deleted node_modules and re-ran the commands. Performance(…)

Medium + WordPress = Sweet!!!

I have had a blog at www.emadibrahim.com running on wordpress for several years now but I really love medium.com. Every time I want to blog, I am torn between blogging on emadibrahim.com (wordpress) or https://medium.com/@eibrahim but now I can do both. Simply install this plugin on your wordpress blog, edit your profile and add the integration(…)

How I made $500 in one hour on Hacker News

I am not a designer so I am always looking for ways to make my side projects look professional without paying a designer.  Don’t get me wrong, it is better to get a professional designer but NOT when it is a side project that probably won’t make you any money.  Any how, I heard of(…)

Fellow Americans, Help Me Understand

NOTE: Sorry for writing about politics on this blog.  I mostly write about programming, technolog and startups but this is an extraordinary time. I really don’t understand politics.  It makes no sense to me. I am a very proud American and have always been the biggest fan of America and American ideals.  America that is(…)