Use ModelBinder to Generically Bind Complex Types

[Update: Simone brought my attention to the fact that ComplexModelBinder which comes with the framework does exactly that.  You can find more info here] ASP.NET MVC Preview 5 introduce the ModelBinder attribute that can be used to decorate a complex type in an Action.  This allows us to have actions that look like this (…)

Is this Better than Constructor Injection?

So after I finished my post on property injection I thought of something, maybe I shouldn’t use constructor injection for my classes.  Maybe, I can just use lazy properties that would call my IoC (Ninject) Kernel to instantiate the object.  So instead of defining a constructor like this:

I could just have a property(…)

Mocking and Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC

Here is the situation, my controller constructors take multiple interfaces as parameters.  I do this in order to use constructor injection which allows me to inject the controllers with mocked objects in my unit tests. For example, my AccountController takes IEmailService, IFormsAuthentication and MembershipProvider (abstract class) as parameters. During my testing, I want to mock(…)