Remember Everything with Timed Screenshots on Mac

I use TimeSnapper on windows.  It’s a great little app that lets me very quickly go back in time and see what I was doing.  It basically takes a screeshot every 10 seconds which I can then play as a video.  This comes in very handy specially when I am coding because sometimes I will(…)

Angular JS Resources

I just started getting into AngularJS and it is really hard to find information about it.  So I am going to compile a list of related links and resources on this page.  Please leave a comment with links that you think should be on this list. Homepage – Google plus page, the best way(…)

StarterWeb MVP – A Modern Web App Starter Template

My co-founder and I have been reading a lot of startup books lately.  If you are mildly interested in startups, you can’t escape the term MVP.  MVP or Minimum Viable Product is a concept popularized by Eric Ries author of  The Lean Startup. In product development, the Minimum Viable Product or MVP is a strategy used for fast and quantitative market testing(…)

Simplify Azure Deployment

It blows my mind how freaking difficult and slow Azure deployments are…  I have used AppHarbor and Google AppEngine in other projects and I can deploy a new version in about 20 seconds flat.  Azure is painful.  For starters, my deployment package is 50 megs.  50 FREAKING MEGS!!!  Are you kidding me???  It’s an MVC(…)