Fame, Fortune and WCF

Fame, Fortune and WCF

I need your help to bring me fame and fortune. I wrote an article at code project which was entered for a competition.  The winner gets $10k.  Can you please check it out at and if you like it, please vote for it.  I can’t win if you don’t vote.  Voting will be closed(…)

VB9 – LINQ and Extension Methods in Action

VB9 – LINQ and Extension Methods in Action

Here is the scenario, I have collection of books and I want to get a book with a specific ISBN.  In the old ways, you will probably have to create a custom collection and inherit a generic collection of books, then add a method to get by ISBN. Thanks to LINQ and extension methods, you(…)

Free Icons and Images

If you are creating any type of software applications with a user interface, most likely you will need to use icons.  Here is an excellent site to help you find icons for your web sites and applications. Check

ASP.NET AJAX: Rendering a Gmail-like ‘Loading’ Indicator

Here is an interesting article on how to display Gmail-like progress indicator: Matt Berseth: ASP.NET AJAX: Rendering a Gmail-like ‘Loading’ Indicator over a Specific ASP.NET Control But I have a much easier method to do that, which I use in First, add your UpdateProgress control like this:

And then apply this style to(…)

Calling the WordPress XMLRPC API from

As an example, I will call the getCategories API method. Add a reference to the library. Create a struct for the return result

Create the interface for the API

Call the API

That’s it… Pretty straight forward.