Upgrading Yonkly to ASP.NET MVC Preview 3

Upgrading Yonkly to ASP.NET MVC Preview 3

I just spent this morning upgrading the Yonkly code to work with the newly released ASP.NET MVC Framework Preview 3.  I thought I would document what I did here, so that it might help others trying to upgrade their projects.  Note: I haven’t deployed the upgraded version to but released the source code. Setup(…)

Yonkly Source Code

[UPDATE] Source code is now available in codeplex at I apologize for the delay of releasing the source code for Yonkly (the twitter clone). The code is still not 100% ready but I have received so many requests for the source code and figured it is better to put something online until I clean(…)

Dynamically Build LINQ Queries Using Reflection

I was recently working on a project where there was an option to export data from the database.  The export function simply exported 2 hard-coded columns that were returned by a stored procedure into a tab-delimited text file.  The sproc looked something like select id, name from mytable (I am over simplifying of course).  I(…)

Ruby on Rails Crumbs – Part 1

If you have been following along, I blogged previously about my experience trying Ruby on Rails as a .net developer (here and here).  I quickly realized how different things are and that I desperately need some help, so I got myself the beta PDF version of Agile Web Development with Rails and Rails Recipes.  Both(…)