How to get 50x or more traffic?

How to get 50x or more traffic?

My web site KB Shortcuts was featured on Microsoft’s AJAX web site and my traffic sky rocketed. I went from 1 or so hits a day to averaging around 50 and as high as 135 hits a day. It’s not too much traffic but relatively speaking it’s a 50x to 135x the traffic. Another example(…)

Calling the WordPress XMLRPC API from

As an example, I will call the getCategories API method. Add a reference to the library. Create a struct for the return result

Create the interface for the API

Call the API

That’s it… Pretty straight forward.

Make money from my blog

Make money from my blog

Well, I have been reading a few articles about how to monetize my blog which got me all excited about becoming a more dedicated blogger. There are tons of advice out there – I am already following most of them but will try new ones. My guess is that not every advice will work for(…)

Sitemeter and wordpress

I just added sitemeter to BlogsToGo (WordPres Mu). I have a plugins file in my mu-plugins directory where I add site wide code like amazon context links, google analytics, etc… I basically added a function to emit the javascript: function sitemeter(){ echo ‘ <!– Site Meter XHTML Strict 1.0 –> <script type=”text/javascript” src=””> </script> <!–(…)