Best WordPress Theme Ever

Best WordPress Theme Ever

This has got to be the best WordPress theme I have seen so far.  The theme name is WP-Vybe and was created by Solostream.  I have bought several themes from Solostream before and used them at and  I have been very happy with them but it is type to upgrade to WP-Vybe. WP-Vybe(…)

How I setup a WordPress blog

I have several WordPress blogs and I see myself repeating the same task over and over.  So I decided to write up this post as a reference for myself and others. by ponanwi To make things easy and clear, I am going to write this as a bulleted list that you can run through.  Of(…)

Blog Rush – Attract More Readers

I just installed Blog Rush on my blog – it should be on the right hand side.  This is a pretty cool concept to attract more readers to your blog.  It displays blog posts for other bloggers that are related to your blog/post.  In turn, your blog posts are displayed on other blogs.  If people(…)

Why does lifehacker hate me?

I love and it is my favorite blog but for some reason they never publish any comment I leave.  Even the ones that don’t have any links back to my blog.  Why do you hate me when I love you so much? Does anyone have any idea why they don’t publish my comments and(…)