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Free image editing application

Free image editing application

Here is a great and free image editing software called Paint.NET. I am not a graphic artist but it has more features than I need and is very easy to install and use and it is FREE (but you should donate some money). Get it from http://www.getpaint.net Share this post: email it! | bookmark it!(…)

Help debugging AJAX and JavaScript

Help debugging AJAX and JavaScript

As you all know, there is really no easy way to debug AJAX and JavaScript applications, but I found this indispensiblee tool that I just can’t live without. It’s the IE Developer Toolbar. It is still in beta but so far it has been stable. What an awesome tool!!! It let’s you examine the DOM(…)

Validating the page using JavaScript

I was using an AJAX tab control and wanted to validate the tab page before the switching away to another tab. It turns out there is a really easy way to do that – call Page_ClientValidate(“ValidationgGroupName”) from a javascript. If it returned true then the page/group is valid and I can allow the tab selection(…)

Online Storage

There are some really good online storage websites out there, the 2 I really like are MediaMax and Box.net MediaMax http://www.mediamax.com/ 25 GB for FREE Share files with friends without requiring them to register Desktop application is average Box.net http://www.box.net Only 1 GB for free Really cool gadget for sharing files and embedding into blogs(…)

RSS Feed of keyboard shortcuts

[updated] this has changed, check the site for more info I added an RSS feed to my new keyboard shortcuts website at http://www.kbshortcuts.com/ so you can get the latest shortcuts automatically. The RSS is at http://www.kbshortcuts.com/rss.ashx TIP: You can also customize the feed, so if you wanted shortcuts for visual studio, you could subscribe to(…)