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How I made $500 in one hour on Hacker News

I am not a designer so I am always looking for ways to make my side projects look professional without paying a designer.  Don’t get me wrong, it is better to get a professional designer but NOT when it is a side project that probably won’t make you any money.  Any how, I heard of(…)

Integrate Stripe with your Kinvey Application

Kinvey is my new favorite platform as a service (PAAS) because I can do my entire app as an angularjs app with no backend, deploy it to heroku and have it communicate with Kinvey using ajax.  It’s beautiful. Here is how to process credit card payments in Kinvey using stripe – it took me a(…)

Ubercamp Messages

Ubercamp Messages

I just added a Messaging feature to ubercamp (my project management app), check it out at www.ubercamp.net and don’t forget about this time-limited offer.

First 100 customers get 50% off FOREVER

I am trying to think of different ways to promote ubercamp’s pre-launch.  I already have over 200+ beta users, which is great but my next step is to get more people to sign up pre-launch and try it out.  So if you want to give it a try for FREE, go ahead and signup over(…)

Emailing Your Users Worst Mistake

Emailing Your Users Worst Mistake

A couple of weeks ago, I setup a limited invite-only beta for Ubercamp and announced it on Hacker news.  I had about a 100+ people signup in less than an hour.  AWESOME!!! Then I made some updates and wanted these guys to log back into the site and try it out, so I did the(…)