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Ember Views and Associated Controller

I have a Navigation Bar view that hand menus that required handling some actions.  Some of these actions require accessing other controllers which means I have to use ‘needs’ in my own controller. Using ember cli, I was able to generate the template with

the view with

and the controller with


Use SASS with Lineman without Ruby

If you are using linemanjs for your frontend (ember/angular) development and want to use SASS, you will find that there is a dependency on Ruby and Compass to get SASS working. If you don’t have the dependencies, you will see an error like this: Running “sass:compile” (sass) task Warning: You need to have Ruby and(…)

Deploying Ember.js with ASPNET WEB API

I am using lineman.js to create my ember app which talks to an asp.net web api backend.  Ember expects all css files at /css, all js files at /js, all font at /fonts and all images at /images. My build script moves these folders in the /content folder.  Luckily, there is an easy way to(…)

EmberJs and ASPNET MVC WebAPI Validation

EmberJs and ASPNET MVC WebAPI Validation

I use ember.js for my front end which talks to an REST ASP.NET Web API backend.  I wanted to leverage the awesome validation built into ASP.NET.  So when I post the following JSON to my /api/users

I should get errors because the email and password are required fields and I do.  The returned JSON(…)

EmberJs and ASP.NET Web API and JSON Serialization

I just switched from Angular to Ember for a new project and really enjoying it.  Per the requirements, I need to use ASP.NET WEB API which is actually pretty impressive.  I instantly ran into a problem though.  Ember expects its json results to be wrapped i.e. Ember expects:

But the API returns