Rapid Web App Development — App 2

Here is App #2 of my series of apps (app 1).  It is the same stack and very similar template as app 1.

  1. User authentication using Google accounts
  2. User authorization
  3. Mailchimp integration
  4. Mandrill integration
  5. Google analytics integration
  6. Backend — using firebase and a node worker hosted at Digital Ocean
  7. Subscription management (freemium model)
  8. Stripe integration for payment processing

Both apps now have a full subscription model with a free plan.  You can upgrade and downgrade at any time and it is all automatically managed using stripe.  There is a little node worker that handles some billing management.

You will notice that I also got rid of PureChat for this app – I just didn’t feel like it added any benefit at the moment and I wanted to streamline the process of going from idea to release quickly.

Fresh Nota

The app is live at www.freshnota.com it is a straight forward and clean note taking application.  The design is responsive works great on mobile.  Here are some of the features:

  1. Multiple notebooks with multiple notes
  2. Search for notes and notebooks
  3. Favorite notes and notebooks
  4. A simple dashboard to show recently used notes and notebooks as well favorites

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