How I made $500 in one hour on Hacker News

I am not a designer so I am always looking for ways to make my side projects look professional without paying a designer.  Don’t get me wrong, it is better to get a professional designer but NOT when it is a side project that probably won’t make you any money.  Any how, I heard of Designmodo Startup Design Framework and instantly LOVED IT.  It is clean, it is beautiful and very customizable.  Prior to this framework, I have usually just bought themes on Themeforest or Wrap Bootstrap and they usually work well – they are also much cheaper than Designmodo but I really like the Startup Framework’s look & feel.

Anyhow, I posted an affiliate link for the Startup Framework on Hacker News and withing minutes, people made 8 purchases.  I have used affiliate links in the past (including in this post) but I have never had anything generate $500 bucks this quickly.  What does that tell you?  This tells me that there is a huge need for these kind of design frameworks and I hope we have more of them so we don’t all end up with side projects that look exactly the same :)

You can see my original post at HN over here.

You can see some of my side projects over here:– designed with the Startup Framework

Projects using templates (from themeforest or wrapbootstrap)