Emailing Your Users Worst Mistake

A couple of weeks ago, I setup a limited invite-only beta for Ubercamp and announced it on Hacker news.  I had about a 100+ people signup in less than an hour.  AWESOME!!!

Then I made some updates and wanted these guys to log back into the site and try it out, so I did the logical thing and sent them an email (using mailchimp).  Here is the email:

7-15-2013 8-44-35 AM

So how did this email perform?

7-15-2013 8-47-18 AM


Previous emails had 68% open rate and 48% click rate.

Do you see the problem?

The problem is that I did NOT have a freaking link to my site in my email.  So my guess is that people read the email then deleted it – what else can they do?  Nothing.

I assumed they would remember the ubrecamp url and would actually go and type it in.  Bad assumption.

Redeeming Myself

To make up for this terrible mistake, I have setup 100 new invites.  Signup with invitation code “BlogJuly15” at and please let me know what you think.  I want to build a killer productivity app that you and I would love to use.

PS: I hope you will like the new “dashboard”