Fellow Americans, Help Me Understand

NOTE: Sorry for writing about politics on this blog.  I mostly write about programming, technolog and startups but this is an extraordinary time.

I really don’t understand politics.  It makes no sense to me.

I am a very proud American and have always been the biggest fan of America and American ideals.  America that is the beacon of democracy and freedom.  America that stands with the oppressed against the oppressor.  America that is the largest aid contributor to the third world.  America that sheds blood and treasure to protect and free others.  No country has shed more blood than America for the freedom of others.  America that has contributed to humanity in every aspect from science to technology to medicine more than any country in the world.

I am also a very proud Egyptian.  Egypt, the land of pharos.  Egypt, the land of world wonders.  Egypt, an ancient civilization that was the most advanced and ahead of its time.  Egypt, that is at the center of the world in every aspect, be it religion, politics, trade, peace and even war too.  Egypt, a country with a great history, a great people and a great culture (and awesome food).

Being Egyptian-American, I have always thought it was cool to have been born in the country with the greatest history and will die in the country with the greatest present.

When the Egyptian people in 2011 took to the street to overthrow a dictator, I was proud and happy and so were the 90+ million people.  I was hopeful for a secular and democratic state and was devastated by the Muslim Brotherhood – a terrorist organization – winning the election.  Imagine if a right wing, racist, bigot won the American elections.  I was embarrassed to have Morsi representing a great country like Egypt.  Do you remember how a lot of Americans were embarrassed of Bush?  Multiply that by 1000.

As an American, I was happy and proud that America was in support of the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, despite that the dictator Mubarak was their strongest ally in the region.  I was proud to see America “walk the talk” and support a people yearning for bread, freedom and social justice.  I was proud of the non-stop coverage for 18 days by every US media outlet.  It was impressive and I have never seen such coverage of a foreign country in American media before.

2 years later in 2013, the people of Egypt revolted again.  It was the LARGEST PROTEST in HUMAN HISTORY, there were figures ranging from 15 to 33 million people on the street.  That is a third of the population.  To put it in perspective, that is almost the population of California – the most populous state.  There were old people.  There were children.  There were women.  There were men.  There were Muslims.  There were Christians.  There were the poor.  There were the rich.  There were artists.  There were clerics.  It was unprecedented.  It made the 2011 revolution look tiny.  The Egyptian army, police, judges and politicians heard the cries of their people and intervened to avoid bloodshed and turmoil.  It was impressive that with this many people in the streets, there were very little violence.  I bet we had more violence and looting during Katrina (or on any day really).  I had friends on Facebook post “this was the safest I have ever felt in Egypt”.

Again, Egypt made me proud and hopeful.  Again, Egypt made history.  This revolution will go down in history right along with other great revolutions before it.  It truly was incredible.

Unfortunately, this time, America disappointed me.  The media did not cover the protests.  They labeled it a military coup.  They labeled it un-democratic.  I was shocked, surprised, disappointed and ashamed.  What happened to our ideals?  What happened to supporting democracies and spreading freedom?

Coup d’Etat definition:

“A sudden decisive exercise of force in politics; especially : the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group.”


The 2013 revolution was NOT sudden.  It has been promoted for the past couple of months.

The 2013 revolution was NOT a small group.  It was the LARGEST protest in human history.

The 2013 revolution was NOT violent.  There were incidences but it was not a violent revolution.  Syria’s revolution is violent.  Libya’s revolution was violent.  The Egyptian revolution was not violent.  But hypothetically, if it was violent, wouldn’t that still be a worthy price to pay for freedom and social justice.  After all, America has shed a lot of blood to get where she is right now.

I used to be more of an idealist but now I am pragmatic and a realist.  So I get it and I expect America to do what is good for America.  I also expect Egypt to do what is good for Egypt.  That is just common sense.  What I don’t understand and doesn’t make sense is why America will support a terrorist organization and a fascist regime.  How does that help American interest?

Like I said, I don’t understand politics but I have a few theories in why America want a terrorist and fascist organization like the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Egypt.

1 – It will destroy Egypt

MB will destroy Egypt’s culture, society, economy and everything in between.  So, if America thinks of Egypt as an “enemy” then that is a good thing.  Some might think an Egypt in turmoil is a good thing for Israel.  I disagree.  Why would Israel want their next door neighbor with the largest standing army in the middle east be run by a terrorist and radical regime and ideology?  An ideology that wants Israel’s destruction?  Isn’t Iran enough?  Wouldn’t Israel and America rather have a democratic, secular and stable Egypt?

2 – They want a puppet regime

America will have as much influence on the Muslim Brotherhood as it does on Hamas and the Taliban.  That is ZERO influence.

3 – It is all a plan

Maybe the truth is that America supports the overthrow of the MB but they can’t publicly announce it.  It might weaken the revolution and the people if it comes across that America is supporting them.  The same way when Israel’s PM came out in support of Mubarak in 2011.  It was the best thing he did to help overthrow Mubarak.

4 – We don’t walk the talk

I hope this is not true but if we just talk about freedom and democracy and our superior ideals and principles only when they are self-serving then they are not principles at all.

5 – The Elite are afraid

Maybe people in power all over the world realize that THE PEOPLE really do have power.  They are afraid that their people would rise up against them just like they did in Egypt.  They don’t want their people to know that they do have that kind of power.  That is why the Egyptian revolution is banned in Iran and China and other places.  In the west, we saw a glimpse of that with the Occupy Wallstreet movement and trust me.  I don’t see this happening very soon, but when the people in the west experience more despair, they will revolt.  Look at Greece and Spain.

So again, I do NOT understand what is going on.  Help me understand.  Why is America supporting the Muslim Brotherhood?