Angular JS Resources

I just started getting into AngularJS and it is really hard to find information about it.  So I am going to compile a list of related links and resources on this page.  Please leave a comment with links that you think should be on this list.

  1. Homepage –
  2. Google plus page, the best way to stay up to date on Angular news –
  3. Things built with Angular –
  4. youtube channel –
  5. Awesome Video Tutorials –
  6. AngularUI – a companion suite –
  7. Bootstrap components written in pure AngularJS by the AngularUI Team –
  8. Angular Textmate Bundle (probably works with Sublime too) –
  9. Stackoverflow –
  10. Angular JS Meetup Groups –
  11. Angular JS Books –
  12. Angular Modules –
  13. Awesome Chrome Plugin for debugging – (thanks Nadeem)


  1. Using RESTful Controllers In An AngularJS Resource
  2. AngularJS: Common Pitfalls
  3. Rendering DOM Elements With ngRepeat In AngularJS
  4. 3 Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Your Next Project
  5. 8 Tips for Angular.js Beginners
  6. Build Chrome Apps with AngularJS
  7. AngularJS: the beauty of concision