Microsoft App Store for Mac

Windows 8 apps can be written in Html/JavaScript or XAML/C#. I wrote Taskorami in HTML/JavaScript. These are standard and widely used and supported languages and technologies that already run on every platform: windows, mac, Linux, phone and web. So why doesn’t Microsoft duplicate its app store to run on Mac and Linux?

As a developer, I get to create my app once and it runs on all computers (and potentially tablets and phones).

As a user, I get to have all my favorite apps on all my machines with all the same features and release consistency and I pay for them once.

As Microsoft I get to make a ton of money and be relevant again and I don’t care what machine the user has or if they buy windows or something else because I am going to make money regardless.

I understand that Microsoft will have to port its underlying framework but they have already ported it to Windows RT so it can’t be that hard to port it to Mac & Linux. This is an insanely large and ambitious project which is why it needs a company like Microsoft to make it happen.

Get on it Microsoft. Can you get me a beta by September 2013?