Annual Review 2012

2012 has been great and 2013 will be even better. I have decided to do an annual review to look back at what I have done and look forward to what I should be doing.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Teresa

Looking Back at 2012

The first thing that comes to mind is all the awesome travelling we did this year.  We went to Cancun for a week at the beginning of the year and later in the year we traveled throughout Europe for 2 weeks.  This was a bucket list item for me and was a fantastic time.  We visited London, Paris, Geneva, Florence, Rome and Amsterdam – it was an AMAZING trip.

Maged and I started our startup – we were lost for a while but after several pivots we figured out what needs to be done.  We released the best GTD app for windows – Taskorami.  It received and continues to receive great feedback and reviews from users and we are very proud of it.  It is still not a financial success though but we think that will change once Windows 8 takes off.

I am almost completely out of credit card debt – the debt I accumulated during my last startup experience.

I quit smoking.

I worked out a lot more than 2011 – 4 months of CrossFit, 3 month of Koko Fitness, soccer once a week, some racquetball here and there.

Looking Froward to 2013

This was not as simple as I expected and there was a lot of reflection and thinking involved. I tried to break it down into basic blocks/categories:

  1. Work (day job)
  2. Work (startup)
  3. Wife
  4. Friends & Family
  5. Me Time
  6. Sleep

A week contains 168 hours, so I decided to split it into 3 equal sections:

  1. Work – 56 hours
  2. Sleep – 56 hours
  3. Everything else – 56 hours

Then I opened up a google calendar and tried to plan my days based on this criteria.  The first version of the calendar looked like this (click photo to enlarge):

12-30-2012 4-10-48 PM

This gave me the following weekly breakdown:

12-30-2012 4-27-11 PM

12-30-2012 4-31-08 PM

Of course this is not 100% accurate and I am not going to ABSOLUTELY STICK to it because we all know that life isn’t that predictable…  One day, I might not feel like working or an out of town friend could be visiting or I might just want to watch a movie or take my wife for a night out, etc…  This is meant as rough guide on how I should use my time to achieve my goals and I will continue to review it and tweak it through out the year.


Speaking of goals…  There are several goals I would love to achieve in 2013.  Some of them are personal and I won’t go into details about them but here are the BIG ones I would like to accomplish or at least start.

  1. Get physically healthier – workout, soccer, eat better, etc…
  2. Get mentally & spiritually healthier – meditate, yoga, read, etc…
  3. Release a new version of our internal software @ my day job
  4. Raise money for our startup – the goal is $500k
  5. Community service
  6. Other personal goals.

Each of these goals has several sub-goals and/or projects that need to be done to achieve them which I am capturing in Taskorami and no need to bore you with the details.


Dividing up my days and weeks made me realize how precious time is and how little of it we have.  If I were to live to 80, I only have about 16000 days left and I plan to make them count.