The Reason To Switch To Windows 8

There was a post that I read a few weeks ago (and can’t find anymore), but the premise of the post is that there are certain applications on each platform (windows, mac, linux) that are so good that people are willing to switch to that platform or at least are stopped from switching away from it.

One app that comes to mind is Omnifocus.  It is a great task manager and GTD application and I used it for a long time.  The only problem is that it only runs on the Mac and I spend 90% of my time on Windows.  This makes it very hard to stay productive when my productivity app is on a different platform.  Omnifocus is so good that I was actually willing to suffer through the inefficiencies of 2 platforms.

This is exactly why we created Taskorami.  The best GTD app on Windows 8.  Our goal is to make Taskorami THE app that will make you want to switch to Windows 8.  Give it a try and if you think we achieved that goal, let us know publicly and if not, let us know privately :).