Apple, Google, Microsoft: Screw You

People, let’s call a spade a spade and stop your fucking pickering.  Apple vs Google vs Microsoft vs Facebook…  screw them all.   They are all just companies, they are in it for the money and they don’t give a shit about you.  You should use the BETTER product FOR YOU and not just use it because it was from a specific company.
Do you want the best phone?  Get an iPhone.
Do you want the best tablet? Get an iPad.
Do you want the best email?  Get Gmail.
Do you want the best office productivity suite? Get Microsoft Office
Do you want the best communication tool?  Get skype
Do you want the best development environment?  Get Visual Studio
Do you want the best cloud service?  Get Azure
Do you want the best search engine?  Use Google
Do you want the best social network?  Use Google+
Do you want the best eBook reader?  Get the Kindle
Do you want the best gaming console?  Get an Xbox
Do you want the best laptop hardware?  Get a MacBook
Do you want the best OS?  Get Windows 8
Do you want the best general tool?  Get Evernote
Done.  All arguments settled, at least for me and at least for me.  I have on allegiance and will switch on a dime.
Apple, screw you for delaying Google Maps.  Screw you for blocking Skydrive from updates.  Screw you for blocking me from buying audible and kindle books on my iPhone.
Google, screw you for getting rid of free accounts on Google Apps for your Domain – I am never recommending you again.  Screw you for turning off Exchange ActiveSync.  I am this close to switching to
Microsoft, screw you for being so late on so many fronts.  Screw you for making half ass products and charging for them.  Screw you for screwing us over with your monopoly.  Screw Bing – how hard can it be, where are all your PhDs?  Screw you for having shitty marketing.  Screw you for being so uncool.  Screw you for screwing up Internet Explorer so bad – just freaking use a webkit engine and call it a day.  Where is my XBOX 720?  Where is IE on Mac?  Where is IE on iPad and iPhone?  You are like America, it doesn’t matter how much good you do, people will always hate you.  Get better PR and stop fucking around.
PS: I use gmail on Windows, Google chrome on my iPhone, play games on my xbox, watch TV on Apple TV, connect with friends on skype and Facebook, connect with strangers on Twitter and Google+, read books on my kindle and buy everything from Amazon.