We did NOT get 100,000 downloads for our Windows 8 app

There is an interesting post about how a developer got 100,000 downloads on windows 8. See the discussion at hacker news and the actual article on msdn.

This is the flip side of that equation.  Before I get into details, let me set some context:

  1. I do NOT work for Microsoft or affiliated with Microsoft in any way
  2. I do WANT Windows 8 to succeed (it’s good for you, for me, for Apple and the industry – competition is good for everyone).
  3. I am TIRED of Microsoft disappointing me over and over and over

Our app is called Taskorami, it’s a GTD app for Windows 8 but our goal is to build the best GTD app ever (on any platform).  We released it on day 1 with Windows 8 i.e. 10/26/2012.

The Good News

We have receive some awesome feedback:

Solid Start with tons of Potential
This is clean, quick GTD app. Been looking for this sort of thing for a long time. There are still a bunch of little things that need to be cleaned up to make it better (cloud syncing doesn’t seem to work yet). But when they do, I think it’ll be amazing.
Very nice
Just wish it had an option to set specific time for tasks as well, maybe i’m not seeing it.
Productive apps
User friendly application. Easy to use functions. Can’t wait till it hits Mac.
Overall, our ratings are 4 stars, here is the breakdown:
This is pretty good and we are happy with it.  It doesn’t make it the best GTD app – yet.  But this is just version 1 and we are actively tweaking it.

The Bad News

We did NOT get 100k downloads.  The app is NOT paying for lunch.  So, how many downloads did we get out of the 3+ million Windows 8 users?  See for yourself


We are super excited about the positive feedback.  We are not too thrilled about the downloads but when you consider the fact that we have done ZERO marketing and that this is only version 1, it is not that bad.
Meanwhile, we will keep tweaking and waiting for our hockey-stick chart.