Windows Phone in Numbers

A new version of “Dude, Where Is My Update?” (marketplace link) was published last night and it now includes some interesting stats.  Here are some of the more interesting stats:

The most popular phone so far is Samsung Focus standing at about 42%

Interestingly, 38% of users have the latest version of Windows Phone 7 i.e. version 7.0.7390.  This leaves me wondering why they downloaded my app in the first place.  I am assuming they did it for the stats. 

Another interesting tidbit is that 62% of users are in the US.


Dell Venue: One surprise was that the Dell Venue is not as popular as I thought – standing at a mere 1.5%.  This surprised me because I have seen the Dell phone and it rocks.

Samsung Focus: 20% of Samsung Focus phones have the NoDo update – I am assuming they used the Chevron workaround or they have an unlocked phone somehow


Here is a screenshot at 9:50 AM EST of the global stats (numbers are going exponentially)


IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that this is based on the number of users using my app and is not indicative of the total number of actual windows phone users.  Although, it does give an idea on what phones are popular and the available versions in the market.