Dude, Where Is My Update? Plus Stats.

UPDATE: App is now live in the marketplace – download link

UPDATE 2: See some interesting windows phone 7 stats over here.

I was really shocked with the success of "Dude, Where Is My Update?" (DWIMU) windows phone 7 app; but I guess that shows how desperate people are for the NoDo update.  On a side note: personally I just got the update on one of my development devices and WOW it is awesome.  I can’t wait to get it on my primary phone (Samsung Focus).

I decided to update DWIMU with some really cool features.  You can now get all kind of cool stats about the number of people using different phones in different locations and a version breakdown.

Phone Stats

This shows your phone and version as well as the number of users with the same phone and then a version breakdown specific to this phone. 


Local Stats

This shows your location (country) and version as well as the number of users in your country as well as version and phone breakdowns in your country.


Global Stats

This will show you the global/worldwide number of users and version and phone breakdowns across the world.


It’s Up To You

Obviously, it goes without saying that for these stats to work a lot of people have to download it, so you need to do your part and spread the word.  The more people, the more accurate.  We will never get an exact number since that will require every single user to install that app, but at least we will have a good idea and a good measure of the health the windows phone 7 community and platform.  An awesome platform, if I may say so myself.

Get It Now

If you have a developer account and can’t wait for version 1.1 to get approved, you can download the XAP file here.

NOTE: If you don’t know what to do with this file, do NOT download it and wait for the update to show in the Market Place – should be out in a couple of days. 

Thanks and if you have any questions email me at dude at dotnetfactory dot com

DWIMU Progress & Reviews

Check out the reviews at http://bit.ly/gYe43e (200+ in one day).  Thanks for downloading and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can get it from http://bit.ly/gamGev