Dude, Where Is My Update?

Update: Version 1.1 Available – more info here.

We are all patiently waiting for the Windows Phone 7 update.  A few lucky ones already got it, but a whole lot of people including myself didn’t get it yet.  I find myself insistently checking blogs, twitter, Facebook and Google to figure out if and when the update will be available.  To pass the time and to simplify my life and reduce the stress of figuring out the status of the update, I built a free little WP7 app called “Dude, Where Is My Update?” or DWIMU for short.

You simply select your region and phone or operator and get the bad/good news.  I have a Samsung Focus, so unfortunately, I will be waiting for a long time.


But if you are in Sweden with the Hutchison Group then you should be getting the updates a lot sooner.


How does it work?

Right now, the app simply gets the data from Microsoft’s website at http://bit.ly/eMukfH.  I will write another blog detailing the technical implementation of the app.  I built a web service in Python and hosted it with Google’s AppEngine (because it is free).  DWIMU pulls the data from my web service which I will keep updated and in sync with Microsoft’s website.

Why you should download the app?

The future plans is to crowd source the update detection to get a more accurate indication of when you will be getting the update.  By simply running the app you will be able to see how many people already received the update for your selected network/phone/region.  Of course, this will only work if there is enough people using the app.  If I get enough downloads, I will release an update that will enable automatic detection.  So download it now and spread the word, if you want me to add these features.