Product Ideas – Help Me Decide

I founded about 8 months ago and it is at a point now that doesn’t require my full time attention.

So, I need to start/create a new product or service and need your opinion on what to do next.

I created a very short questionnaire (only 1 required question and no email address is required).  Can you please take 5 seconds and guide me in the right direction?

It is located at

If you decide to fill out your email (optional), I will use it to send you a free copy/subscription of whatever I (we) decide to create.

I will announce the results of your votes on twitter after I close voting. 

Thanks for your help in advance.

PS: You can also help by re-tweeting – my request for feedback.

PSS: I will make the results public once voting is closed.  I just don’t want the current results to influence your vote.  I will also make public the ideas suggested by you – some are really fantastic (thanks).

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