Shortening URLs with’s API in .NET

I previously wrote about shortening URLs with TinyURL’s API but my new favorite URL shortener is and it also has a great API that you can use from within your .net code.  I just recently used in my twitter contest website – tweetastica.

The code is also very simple.  I didn’t add all the extra options that the API makes available and just wrote enough for me to shorten a URL.  Here it is:

Using this code is very straight forward. has tons of features and a great API.  You can even see stats of any generate url using /info.  for example: shows you stats for

Another feature I really like is their bookmarklet which you can keep on your browser’s bookmark bar and click it to shrink the site you are at…  It even pops this side bar with a bunch of useful info.


The API is pretty well documented at

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