A GUI for Amazon SimpleDb – SimpleDb Manager

I just released a new software called SimpleDb Manager for managing your SimpleDb databases.  You can get it form www.sdbmanager.com and try it free for 30 days. 

Since it is still in beta, I have reduced the price to $19.99 but only for a LIMITED time.  The price will go up as soon as the bugs are ironed out and we get out of beta (very soon).

So what can SimpleDb Manager do for you?

  • Create and delete domains
  • Edit-In-Place item attributes (select the cell and start typing or hit F2 to edit)
  • Delete items (select row and hit the delete button)
  • Delete attributes (edit cell and delete its content)
  • Add new items (just start typing in the last row)
  • Execute queries (type query in query box and click the execute button)
  • Save connection information for easy management of multiple accounts

There are a ton more features coming, so stay tuned.

Get SimpleDb Manager NOW before the price goes up – I am serious.