Major Update to Yonkly: Widgets, Ads & More

I just released a new version of Yonkly with a ton of new features.


If you are logged in, you can add a widget to your sidebar even place Google ads if you wanted.  Take a look at the widget in my profile at  To add your own widget, go to settings and click the widgets link then simply add your widget code and hit save


If you want your widget to fit nicely with the rest of the sidebar, click the link "insert default widget" and add your script in the correct place.

Control Panel

If you are the owner of the site i.e. an admin, you will have access to a control panel where you can customize a ton of things


Site Settings

You can modify all sort of site settings such as title, description, keywords, amazon s3 information and so on.


Email Templates

You can customize all the emails that get sent out e.g. "someone is following", "someone joined your group", "thanks for signing up", etc.

Ad Management

Now, you can add advertisements to your site by adding the ads code in the appropriate location.  You can add it as a banner in the sidebar or in the message stream.

Here is a sidebar ad, you can also skin to match the site


Here is a banner ad


And here is an embedded ad in the message stream


Theme Management

You can change the theme of the site.  For examples, check and  Here is the theme selection screen



Content Management

See the TOS, privacy and contact us links in the footer, those are dynamically created and you can create other pages as well e.g. "FAQ", "Help" and so on…  You simply enter a page name and the content using a rich text editor


User Management

This is just a way to assign/revoke admin privileges to users.

The Future

I am very excited about all the new features specially that the site owner and the user can display ads and make money.   I can’t wait to release the new version.  Contact me if you are interested in setting up your own microblogging platform.

Stay Tuned!!!