Use ModelBinder to Generically Bind Complex Types

[Update: Simone brought my attention to the fact that ComplexModelBinder which comes with the framework does exactly that.  You can find more info here]

ASP.NET MVC Preview 5 introduce the ModelBinder attribute that can be used to decorate a complex type in an Action.  This allows us to have actions that look like this


Instead of this:


The problem is that you have to build a Binder for every complex type you want to use as a parameter.  For example, Maarten Balliauw created a model binder on his blog and it looks like this:


Now that is a lot of typing and because I am lazy, I decided to create a generic binder that uses reflection and can work with all my complex types. 

Note: By generic I mean common – it has nothing to do with .net Generics

Also note that this will only work if you follow these conventions:

  1. The html field name must match the property name
  2. User lower case names for the html fields
  3. You don’t have to user lower case on your model properties

Here is the very rough and untested Generic Binder:


If you find any bugs or have a better implementation, please share.