Best WordPress Theme Ever

This has got to be the best WordPress theme I have seen so far.  The theme name is WP-Vybe and was created by Solostream.  I have bought several themes from Solostream before and used them at and  I have been very happy with them but it is type to upgrade to WP-Vybe.


WP-Vybe has the following features:

  • Theme settings page in your WordPress control panel (see screenshots below).
  • 2-column or 3-column layouts.
  • 10 different color options with control panel setting for further customization.
  • Optional featured article glider for home page.
  • Gravatar integration.
  • Optional banner ad integration.
  • Optional built-in post thumbnails.
  • Optional logo/header image integration via control panel.
  • Built-in site search.
  • Built-in drop-down navigation for sub-categories and sub-pages.
  • Built-in author page and author profile with Gravatar support.
  • Widgetized sidebars.
  • Comment and trackback separation.
  • Post author comments highlighted.
  • Basic SEO techniques integrated.
  • Original Photoshop files (PSDs) available for download via control panel.

It is also reasonably priced at $99 for a single license, $199 for a multiple use license and $299 for a developer license.

The best feature though that really makes this worthwhile for me is the control panel.  You are able to customize pretty much everything in the theme through the control panel without having to ever edit the themes.


If you own a blog you should get yourself a copy of this theme or you can get it for free by writing a review